Research goals and outcome

This first residency at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] in Montreal aims to unify and standardize the initial knowledge, expertise and vocabulary of the fulldome medium.

Participants from several different fields of artistic research take part in master classes and workshop sessions that focus on spherical imagery production, real-time generated immersive visual content and 3D spatial sound.

This international residency is also the perfect time to further elaborate the global intentions for the project and to define the participants’ vision of the collaboration during the upcoming year. This first gathering encourages the discovery of the others’ practice, expertise and interests.  
Based on its active immersion research and creation laboratories, the SAT was chosen for this initial training step. A team of dedicated contributors from its Immersion department took part in the event, including the department’s director, video lead, audio lead, 3D integrator, interactive programmer and its technical team. Additionally, support from the SAT’s Residency department helped in documenting the process and capturing relevant moments of the residency. SAT’s artistic and research vision is transposed throughout the whole project by involving Montreal based artists and collaborators in this international shared residencies project.