Research goals and outcome

This fourth residency at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] in Montreal is a longer mid-project step marking the end of the exploration phase and leading to a more elaborate definition of the research/creation project.

The first week of the residency is structured to maintain highly experimental approaches and to validate most of the identified intentions through practice. In the second week the prototype concepts are reinforced, leading to an informal presentation of each experimentation threads’ results. Theses results are then used as a support to brainstorming sessions, to refine and validate the continuity of the process. This residency ends with a simple questionnaire to be filled by the participants in order to establish a new collaboration protocol and to identify future experimental development steps for the Dresden (DE) residency.

The SAT also supplied the additional services of its interactive development team during the whole residency to support the collaborators in their development and creation activities. Combined with specific project developments, this lead to some workflow pairings and to the identification of integrated solutions. Coming out of the residency, participants confirmed the enriching aspect of diversified experiments for expanding the medium’s language of expression, and suggested the need for more structured experiments on perception and for converging the different research interests towards united creation.