Research Goals and Outcome

An important part of CYNETART festival 2014 is dedicated to the support of collaboration between artists and scientists on international level, who explore the field of full dome environments as platform for creative innovation in the framework of the E / M / D / L – European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research project. Following a.o. Montreal, Athen and Plymouth, Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden will be the fifth station of the E / M / D / L project during the CYNETART festival in November (13th to 19th Nov 2014).

The workshop in Dresden will open up a space dedicated to exchange of ideas, knowledge, methodologies, strategies as well as artistic content and to the exploration of practical solutions for participants from the Fine Arts sector and the creative industries. More than 20 media artists from Europe and Canada will take part in the workshop, in order to create new productions for the medium full dome via practical artistic exploration. It will be the first public presentation of artistic results of E / M / D / L in Europe.

Goal of the workshop is to conduct a phase of artistic research, exploring interactive parameters with live movement (performer and public) in the fulldome environment. After our preliminary workshops in which we have developed and explored multiple aspects of the fulldome media environment, we will now focus the first two days in our work in Dresden in conducting basic interactivity tests. This research will take place in order to study and to explore the impact of live-movement that is mapped in real-time to different interactive media parameters, inside of a circular fulldome reactive media space.

Based on the experiences and expertise of the group we will want to look and to compare how, and if, interactive parameter mapping and perception manifests itself differently in a fulldome environment compared to other non-domic environments. All this in the context of a festival, that will lead to direct encounter with the public and feeding the artistic process and reflection about the medium. Every evening will be set-up and will nourish the artistic research by the specific encounters with the public.